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Monday morning links (the Wednesday edition): McGrail on social media overload

Last Christmas, I was one of the millions of people who received a new iPhone. I was already a social media addict at the time, but my whole life became social as soon as I saw that Apple logo light up for the first time.

With mobile phone usage growing and the expanding world of social media startups, it’s easy to feel the social overload. Mike McGrail over at the Social Penguin blog writes about the stresses of social media marketing.

“The basis of many social programs tend to revolve around the well established Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and perhaps a blog,” he says, “but as more and more platforms come to the fore, many businesses are feeling the pressure of social media overload.”

Pinterest–marriage counselor?: All we’ve been hearing about over the past two months is why you need to be pinning. But as MSNBC reports, Pinterest has not just found a female niche. It’s saved a marriage.

iPad Photoshop: Though Adobe killed its mobile flash player, it announced the new “Photoshop Touch” for the iPad. “With built-in tutorials and a relatively intuitive interface, Photoshop Touch provides a truly full-fledged image editing application (within the hardware limitations of a tablet, of course) and adds some nice tablet-specific enhancements,” writes ZD Net’s Janice Chan.

More Apple goodies: Apple’s iBooks 2 will now support interactive JavaScript widgets. iBooks 2 launched on Jan. 19, primarily featuring a new textbooks feature.

NBC goes old school: In spite of all the talk about how old media are dying, the nation’s oldest broadcaster will expand its radio presence (no, not the Internet kind).

Facebook brands tutorial: Last week, Facebook announced dramatic changes for its advertising and pages. To get you acquainted with its new features, Facebook has set up a new website filled with helpful tutorials.


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